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At the moment , there's no one solution to preventing covid-19 , however , we know that masks and physical distancing significantly reduce our risk . The best way to control this epidemic is to control the droplets being spread . The most effective way to control droplets spread is to wear a mask not only to mask keep you from infecting others , but wearing a mask protects you from the virus . When you come into contact with someone who has covid masks greatly reduce your risk . Every person needs to wear a mask , especially when you are in contact with others who are not in your household .

The I-MASK+ , Is a prevention and early at home treatment protocol for covid-19 . We believe there is significant evidence supporting the protocol . It is important to emphasize that all the medications are inexpensive , extremely safe and widely available . Let's start with what you could do at home to stay as healthy as possible . Vitamin D3. Vitamin D supplementation may prove to be an effective and cheap intervention to lessen the impact of this disease , particularly for the elderly , those with obesity , dark skin tones and those living less than forty five degrees latitude. Vitamin D has immune enhancing properties that help fight the virus .

Vitamin C. Vitamin C supports the immune system and has antiviral properties . Quercetin. Quercetin is an anti-oxidant and is shown efficacy in treating SARS. Quercetin should be used with caution in patients with hypothyroidism and PSH levels should be monitored . Zinc. Zinc inhibits the ability of the virus to replicate itself . Melatonin . Not only does it help with sleep and for the immune system , but it has anti inflammatory antioxidant and immune enhancing features. Aspirin. Aspirin is important as anti clotting , drug and ivermectin .

Ivermectin has broad spectrum antiviral activity , potent anti inflammatory and immune modulating effects . It be safe and well tolerated in humans . Review of the emerging evidence demonstrates the efficacy of ivermectin in the prophylaxis (preventative) and treatment of covid-19 . If you're at home sick with mild covid-19 symptoms followed these increased dosages recommended in our protocol . In addition , we recommend that you purchase a pulse oximeter to monitor the level of oxygen in your blood . You should measure your levels a few times a day , including while walking .

If the level falls consistently below 92 percent call your physician immediately , go to the emergency department to summarize where masks physically distance , wash your hands , stay healthy and build your immunity . Take care of your physical and mental health. For updates , references and more information on the F.L. C.C.C. Alliance IMask Prophylaxis and Early Intervention Outpatient Treatment Protocol for covid. The Map plus hospital treatment protocol . Please visit our website and w w w dot F L C C C dot net .

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