Best Sources of Anti-viral Zinc

Best Sources of Anti-viral Zinc

Why isn’t “Eat Anti Covid-19 Food” on billboards and news headlines? This should be common knowledge by now! Is somebody afraid that eating healthy might interfere with Big Pharma profits? There are 100s if not 1,000s of studies and research papers written about the anti-viral capabilities of Zinc. It has been known for over 40 years that Zinc-Ionophores transport the Zinc Ion past the cell wall into the Cytoplasm to shut down the enzyme that viruses need to replicate. It is absolutely criminal that this information is being blacked-out from the mainstream news sources. Link to: The Best Food Sources for Zinc To make life simpler, a simple 30-40 mg tablet daily meets the needs of most people. However, Zinc is not enough. Zinc needs help. The Zinc we consume dissolves into a double cation (Zn++) that is water soluble that cannot migrate past the cell wall into the Cytoplasm where Coronavirus uses the  Polymerase (RdRp) enzyme to replicate. Zinc turns off the Polymerase enzyme so that Coronavirus cannot replicate. In addition to eating food that is rich in Zinc we also need to eat food that is rich in Zinc Ionophores.  Zinc and Zinc Ionophores antiviral effectiveness against RNA viruses such as Coronavirus has been a known fact for the past 46 years!! What do we need a vaccine for?!!! Check it out! Food Sources for Quercetin: Zinc Ionophore rich foods

Quercetin 3-O-glucodise (Isoquercitrin) Content in Food

  • Food                                        Amount
  • Grapes, black (100 g)             2.17 mg
  • Red Raspberry, raw (100 g)    3.58 mg
  • Nectarine, whole (100 g)        0.11 mg
  • Broccoli, raw (100 g)                1.80 mg
  • Red onion, raw (100 g)            1.80 mg
  • Black tea, infused (100 ml)        1.13 mg
  • Red wine (100 ml)                    1.14 mg

*Created from Phenol-Explorer, Database on polyphenol content in foods.9

Food for Life

There has got to be an easier way.

There is!

The reason there has been so much controversy about Hydroxychloroquine is because it is an excellent Zinc Ionophore!

Unlike Quercetin, which is metabolized quickly, Hydroxychloroquine stays in the body for a long time. The half-life of a single dose is around 3-4 weeks. So taking 200 mg once a week builds up to 700 to 800 mg.  Which is completely within safe limits.

Also unlike Quercetin, which is an over-the-counter food supplement,  Hydroxychloroquine is only available by prescription. Unless you live in the United States where it has been politically banned since President Trump announced it as a potential game changer in the Covid-19 pandemic.


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